The Economy What Can We Do?

Today I went through my closet after doing some laundry, while inspecting the clothes to see if they needed to be recycled yet I started focusing on where they were made! That was when I saw that everything I own was made outside of the United States. Now don’t get me wrong I am not against foreign enterprise at all, I have many friends in foreign countries who are in the same situation as we are economically!

What can we do the help strengthen the economy, I believe that if all countries would get back into manufacturing and growing their own products for consumption in their own countries, then they would be able to strengthen their own economy.

Have a great and prosperous day!


My Great Quiting Has Begun!

Have you ever been so tired that you don’t have time to think, let alone sleep and eat. I have and I am quiting it! I am stopping the insanity of trying to be on 15 different webinars and telenars a week. I am tired of between 300 & 600 emails a day all pitching the same bogus stuff. Do you think that I am fool enough to get suckered into one more thing that doesn’t work….Nope, not me…go find another sucker….I quit!

If I have seen one PLR package I have seen them all. They get you in on a $7.00 trial and give you one decent article that has not been used up yet, then they get the monthly fee, and then you get to see the original creation date of the stuff 1986-2003 for the majority of the stuff. Don’t get me started on the stuff that has nothing attached to it…I quit!

I am taking my life back, no more 19 hour days on this business! I will have (1) Mentor that I trust not to rip off the stuff, that I discuss with them! I quit being other peoples sucker and paycheck! (2) I will have a viable product that the market wants. (3) I will market via the means that my target market wants. Not by means that everyone tells me is the next best thing. I am 63 years old and I have seen more trends come and go than I care to try and remember.

I quit being In business for everyone else!


Are You Limiting Your Business?

Last night I received an email invite from someone to join her on a Casino site (it’s a token game site)! I struggled with if I should accept or not! Finally, I accepted it, my decision to do so came from what I have learned from watching and listening to other people in MLM and Network Marketing, who are making it out there and that have the same values that I have.

A year ago I was not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any Social Media site, let alone writing a blog! Awhile ago I accepted a friend request and when it went to their page it said “Don’t send me your game invites,opportunities or events”, I didn’t think much about it until I started getting daily messages from them for me to join their business opportunity! This is limiting your business for potential partners later not to mention potential product customers. Needless to say I unfriended that person, why should I only be someone who they market to, and not someone who they want to get to know?

No! I don’t spend my whole day on those sites playing games, though I do go in and see what my new found and old friends are doing, and I let them know what I am doing both on a personal and professional basis.

My saying is If you want me to get to know you, let me into your life! Who knows that friend you have on Farmville, Just Might turn out to be Your Next Best Business Partner!

Have a great day! Remember You to can “Burn & Earn” “Ask me How”

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Have you ever wondered if you could own a Business?

Have you ever wondered if you could run your own business?  I know that I did, and all kinds of images kept popping into my head.  I saw this mound of paperwork, a slew of red-tape with the different government agencies.  I am so glad that when I started this journey my team coach, started me out right.  She sent me a link to a free E-Course that she highly suggested that I take before deciding whether or not owning a business was right for me.

I do the same thing today!  When someone goes to my site and contacts me we discuss the fact that they need to take the course first, then we will talk.  You see, I want well-informed partners on my team.  I knew coming in that this was Not a get rich quick endeavor, that it was going to take a lot of work on my part.  Granted, I have fun doing what I do, I love talking to people, I love helping people help themselves.  Most of all I use and love the product that I sell.  In a nutshell “I am my own best customer”.  If you would like a few E-Books to help you along the way, just let me know and I will send them to you.

If you would like to know how you to can get the Free E-Course just go to my course page and fill in the information, and I will get back to you within 24 hours with the link for the course. this is my FreeToRelax page look around it while you are there.

I will continue today with step 1.  Investigate the different businesses out there.

There are more businesses out there than I can ever imagine even existed.  There are both legitimate and Scams out there, some also have high start-up prices, some are low or no start-up and then there are the total outrageous ones that charge fees and what do you get in return is the chance to line someone elses pocket.  Me I want to make some money, not pay for someone else to make the money.

Take the time to check with the BBB both the online version and with the local one for the city and state that they are located in (Parent Co.).  You can do searches online for the name of the company in Business Directories and also with the IRS, FTC.  If you find any Red Flags that make you wonder if it is legitimate or not, please check them out, go to the phone book for their city and get the Corporate number call them and ask questions, ask other distributors what their experience has been even talk to ex-distributors…I’m not talking about ones who were asked to leave for unethical reasons. 

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