What Am I Doing Wrong Q and A’s!

What am I doing wrong is a question that I have asked no only myself but also of others in the DSWA and Network Marketing field many times!

Just a few of my questions have been:

Q.  I am making daily calls, yet I am not getting results from them!
A.  What are you letting the caller know about Who You Are and Why You Are Calling? or are you just feeding them a canned script that was passed down to you!  Scripts can be great to use if they are geared to you   specifically.  I am not talking about just telling them your name, your company name and what product or training program that you are selling.  Are you engaging them in a conversation to find out information about them, so that you know if you can provide a solution that meets Their Needs and not just yours.

Q.  I am telling them the address of the webpage where they can get the information!  Why am I still not getting anything though?
A.  Is your site engaging?  Or is it one of those dull and boring cookie cutter sites?

If you really want to engage with people you are going to have to step up and update your page with fresh new content often!  You need to make sure that it has the right Meta Tags and Keywords to get it noticed by the search engines.  When content changes the search engines pick it up through its bots.  Bots crawl the internet 24/7 and 365 days a year.  If you keep them working you will keep working.

Remember, building a business takes time and work!  If you don’t know how to update your site get with your site provider or partner with someone else for some help.

Have a great enjoyable day



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