What is a Commitment to Work a Business?

What is a commitment?  I have found over the last year that most people that go into a Home Based Business do not understand that it still requires work!
If I had signed that contract to start this business and then had done nothing to promote it to get it known, I would have been out of business in three months time!

Commitment to me is making a decision to do something to advance my business on a daily basis, for a specified time block.
I myself make up commitments to Myself to be here One Year from Today, doing things to advance my business.
Then I break that year down into 90 day blocks!  Each block is then assigned  tasks to it, be it Advertising,  Cleaning Up things that didn’t work, Marketing ReVamp, Learning!

If I find out that the Advertising I have been doing is not working, I commit to finding another way to re-vamp my Advertising!  It will not get done though unless I take action on that decision!

Commitment  (Length of Time)
Make a decision to do something (Planning)
Action (Actually doing the Work Needed)

This is my Business, not my Uplines and not my Downlines, It IS MINE, if it is to be Successful It is UP TO ME to Work IT!

Are You Going To Make A Business Commitment in 2011?