Are You Limiting Your Business?

Last night I received an email invite from someone to join her on a Casino site (it’s a token game site)! I struggled with if I should accept or not! Finally, I accepted it, my decision to do so came from what I have learned from watching and listening to other people in MLM and Network Marketing, who are making it out there and that have the same values that I have.

A year ago I was not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any Social Media site, let alone writing a blog! Awhile ago I accepted a friend request and when it went to their page it said “Don’t send me your game invites,opportunities or events”, I didn’t think much about it until I started getting daily messages from them for me to join their business opportunity! This is limiting your business for potential partners later not to mention potential product customers. Needless to say I unfriended that person, why should I only be someone who they market to, and not someone who they want to get to know?

No! I don’t spend my whole day on those sites playing games, though I do go in and see what my new found and old friends are doing, and I let them know what I am doing both on a personal and professional basis.

My saying is If you want me to get to know you, let me into your life! Who knows that friend you have on Farmville, Just Might turn out to be Your Next Best Business Partner!

Have a great day! Remember You to can “Burn & Earn” “Ask me How”

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3 comments on “Are You Limiting Your Business?

  1. Well put Ms. Marilyn I feel the same way. Why would I want to do business with you if I can not get to know you. We are always to present ourselves on a personal bases if we want to have you join our business or they want us to join theirs. Do no think I would just sign up in a business and no nothing about you. Have a blessed day.

  2. Michelle says:

    Great article Marilyn, I never thought about it like that I play games all the time. Any ideas on how to expose that friend about your business after you have been connecting for some time say over 6 months or more on the game sites.


    • Michelle, My friend and I message each other through FB, now and after she accepted my friend invite, I sent her a message telling her that I would not send her Spam emails or links via our messages. She wrote back that she would like to know more about my business! So I sent her a link to my Business Fan page.


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