New Horizons Equal New Challenges!

If you don’t attempt to do new things on a daily basis, you tend to get into a rut. I know I did! For the past year I have been concentrating on Selling products and I neglected the building of my business.
I thought well if I sell enough product I will make alot of money, I can honestly say today that if I want to make this business work, I am going to have to step out of my comfort zone and do somethings that I am not familiar with. Today, I created a marketing blog and even inserted a video link into it.

Now that was a challenge for me! Having been in sales and office management for years I had a Technical Staff to do all of that kind of stuff. Being that I am now a Business Owner myself, I am having to do alot of this stuff myself….it’s called marketing for a reason! If it is going to thrieve I have to step up and step out. So if you want you can go to my other site and check it out!

I hope that you enjoy your day!